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How do I install the essential Tomtom GPS Map Update on my Tomtom dock?

Updating your Tomtom dock is always helpful at times you prefer to travel long-routed destinations in adverse weather conditions. The steps, mentioned below for installing the vital Tomtom GPS Map Update, if performed well, can surely deliver the desired outcomes within the stipulated time-frame. All we need to do is take a glance at them precisely and perform them with minimal error rate to travel extra miles during the rotational timings. Read the below steps:-


Connect your Tomtom device

It’s time to unbox your Tomtom product and take the USB cable out from it. Insert one end (the bigger one) in your PC and the other (the smaller one) inside the Tomtom device. Make sure that the device is switched on and connected with your workstation by clicking on OK. Go to the support section and see a wide variety of options listed.


Scanning for the update

After viewing the options, it’s time to search for the desired map update. You will surely see it after you click on the spot stating,” Check for Update”. This is the mandatory step as it lets you scan the available updates and displays its list so that you may click on the one that matches the system’s requirements. Select your choice.


Installing your choice from the available ones

After clicking on the one you wish to install, it’s high time to download it by clicking on the Install button. Follow the on-screen instructions displayed by the update prompts and click on Next to proceed further. Wait till the Tomtom device finishes the installation of your chosen update. At last, click on Finish. Disconnect your device now.

Benefits of updating your Tomtom device

In this era of digitization where each and every service is online, updating your GPS maps have been a necessity for the individuals working either with corporate giants or running their own businesses. In the absence of GPS maps, the existing Tomtom users (especially the corporate people) will surely face the difficulties while commuting between their office premises and home locations.

With easy-to-access Tomtom Map update, the existing users can quickly spot the destination’s demographics they wish to travel and reach on time. Besides, the Tomtom gadgets offer convenience with the real-time traffic alerts, geospatial arrangements of the available POIs and on-screen navigation prompts, to travel safely even in unpredictable navigation situations.

You might get stuck at downloading the update with the mentioned above steps. In case you are interested to know the installation guide for Tomtom Home update on your respective docks, do call our technical experts that are available 24*7 for your service.

Issues you may face while refreshing your maps through Tomtom Home update software.

Many of the existing Tomtom users have reported issues while performing the essential Tomtom GPS Map update either on their devices or personal computers. Such problems make the navigation even more annoying due to incorrect routing guidelines of latitudinal and longitudinal measurements.

At such times, all you need is technical assistance to prevent the situation from getting worse. Take a lot at these issues you may get while updating your maps: -

  • The Navigation button is not turning on.
  • Unable to synchronize the available TomTom GPS update from the server.
  • Your device’s storage space is running out.
  • Unable to position your spot globally.
  • The battery is not in a working state.
  • Real-time traffic is not reflecting on your gadget.

If you get stuck at any of the above issues, don’t hesitate to call our technical support executives.

If you are having any difficulty with the map update process, and need troubleshooting for your device then please call directly to our Update helpline (Toll-Free) for instant help. We aim to deliver quick & smooth Update.

Most Common Issues faced by Tomtom users

At times users update their Tomtom devices, they get stuck at: -


No internet connectivity

While performing the installation of the mandatory GPS update, it is necessary to connect your devices with the wireless or wired network. This connectivity is important to synchronize the updates from the server. If there are issues with the connectivity, check the Ethernet cables properly and prefer to restart your modem.


Device not recognized

You must check if the device is connected properly with your workstation. The reason for improper connectivity might be the loose or corrupted USB cable. To fix this, you must plug out the cable and if needed, connect your device again to update the GPS maps.


No GPS found

This issue occurs when you switch on the Navigation button of your Garmin device. At that time, the Navigation feature doesn’t turn on and you are stuck with the repetitive prompts of No GPS found. Prefer to restart your Garmin gadget and if possible, perform the factory reset operation.


Why should you choose us?

Never get anxious at times you fail to install the essential Tomtom Map Update on your workstations. With us, you will get comprehensive assistance on the aspects of updation paradigms. You should choose us because: -

People contact us

Most prominent users get live support from our professional experts and also call them to install the update successfully.

Solving your problem

We are dedicatedly working to understand the scope and nature of the problem and offer assistance as per the situation users are stuck in.

High success rate

With the support of the specialized technical experts, we are able to solve 99.4 percent cases over the call. All you need to do is call us by picking up your phones and leave the rest on us.

Don’t waste your time in thinking about the problems related to Tomtom Map Update. Give us a call rather than talk with our specialists. We are always there to help our clients.

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